Sergii Pomian is a Polish-Ukranian artist (b. 1967, Tiraspol, Moldova), currently living in Mykolayiv, Ukraine. In 1984–1988 he studied in the Grekov Odessa Art School, Design department. Together with an Orthodox priest, he founded an icon painting studio, where he was the main artist and teacher for 5 years (2004–2009). Sergii has over 25 years of experience in icon painting, participated in the painting of Orthodox and Catholic churches.

He went through an unusual way from religious painting to a secular art. In the process of creative search his style evolved from the strict canons of iconography in a free and modern form of expression.

His artworks are presented in galleries in Poland, the UK and in many private collections all around the world.





1984 – 1988   he studied design in the Grekov Odessa Art School, Ukraine

1979 – 1983   Children's Art School, Tiraspol, Moldova



2015   Angels and prayers, Zlato Art + Art Style Gallery, London, UK

2015   Sergey Pomyan: Icons and spiritual painting, Zlato Art + Art Style Gallery, London, UK

2015   Regina Poloniae / Królowo Polski, Galeria Inter Libros, Puławy, Poland

2013   Hortus Conclusus / Ogród Zamknięty, Galeria Inter Libros, Puławy, Poland



2016   Jarmark Jagielloński / The Jagiellonian Fair, Stare Miasto, Lublin, Poland

2015   Lubelskie spotkania z ikoną, Cerkiew Greckokatolicka pw. Narodzenia NMP, al. Warszawska 82, Lublin, Poland



Sergii's work has been placed in numerous private collections internationally





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    “In my youth I was interested in ancient iconography, and later I realized that “the wind goes where it's pleasure takes it.”

    Now I'm a free artist and follow the inspiration.

    The traditional technique of icon painting and restoration allowed me to study on practice the method of the old masters. I try to combine traditions and modern vision. I'm interested in the interrelationship between figurative and abstract, shape and background, patterns presence.

    In my painting I explore the dimension of irony, humor and melancholy.

    I want to think that art is not a marginal sphere of human activity. I want to believe, art can reflect the human psyche, its hope and despair, the conflict between the infinity of passions and the finiteness of existence.”

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